Just like medical science, there is a science of spirits (bhoot) do exist.

Our place of babaji bhoot mukti is full of trust and faith which will relieve Your negative energies , bhoot, ghosts , spirits from your life and gives you an aura of postive energies and prosperity.

About us
(A personality to salute for helping mankind)

Babaji bhoot mukti sthan is at varanasi and delhi where babaji help those people who are affected by negative energies, bhoot pret, aatma, evil spirits, demons, ghosts , black magic etc. These people are generally tired and frustrated by going here and there to fake bbas, ojhas, mullas, tantriks, priests etc.these fake babas and tantriks generally exploit these people by charging lots of money and other immoral wayswithout any relief.

People are tired and frustrated from these negative energies of evil spirits and ghosts as these negative energies do not let them live happy, healthy and prosperous life. We are working for those people to give them relief from these negative energiies by killing these evil spirits and ghosts.remember babaji do not do any utara , he simply kills that evil spirit permanently so that particular evil spirit do not harm anyother person on this earth again.

We also check your house, office, land , farms and busniess place for any black magic, tona totka, bhoot , evil spirits through the sand of that place.once confirmed for any black magic or evil spirit is present there , babaji kills that magic and spirit present at your place.

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Address 1

2/9 A,Chander vihar colony, Nilothi extension
Behind gurudwara dukh bhanjani ( Daler Mehndi Gurudwara ),
New Delhi - 110041

Address 2

Village – Vyaspur, Near Sahupuri Factory, Parao, Distt
Chandauli, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.
TEL: +91 7237878543, +91 7080185825
SKYPE: babaji451
Email: Babajiaajamkhan@gmail.com

"Pushti" From 9 Am to 2 Pm.(After 2 Pm No Pushthi)
Opening Time: Sunday and Thursday From 9 Am to 2 Pm.